Mr. Imperial is a street sweeper, youíll see.
A regular kind of guy and heís doing it all for free!!
Pushing his little sweeper cart all over town,
Sweeping all those nooks and crannies that can be found.
Saving up all the clippings, to enjoy on another day
But, you know, Mr. Imperial wouldnít have it any other way

Here comes Mr. Imperial, you know he canít go wrong.
Heís taken his lot in life in stride and it doesnít take him long.
Riding in his convertible, that flip top automobile.
Would you like a ride with him, oh, how he could make you feel.
Holding his special brush, and heís grabbing his happy broom.
In and Out, thatís what itís all about, down at the muffin room!!

More about Mr. Imperial, heís a quirky little guy,
With a place to save what was in the cave, wonít you let him try?
To weave his special magic tricks, to give you each a thrill.
Make the grade, in the shade, like when Jack went up the hill.
So, donít delay, call today, send before midnight tonight.
Mr. Imperial is the one for you.. And heíll make you feel
just right!!!!
Alan Brock 1998
arranged by ToasT
Audio track from
The Reservation is Ready