Twelve minutes before tomorrow,
I could not help but weep.
My heart felt both joy and sorrow,
As I drifted off to sleep.

I had a strange and distant vision.
Trapped and imprisoned by my dream.
Waiting for total submission.
Seeking an answer; but, is it later than it seemed?

I found myself wandering by the sea,
I stood and gazed to where the earth touched the sky
The Moon rose like a beacon calling me,
And I felt like getting high.

Twelve minutes could mean forever.
Change can be difficult to bear.
A vision may become your future,
If you want it, you must grab it, if you dare.

What is this feeling thatís come over me?
I reach my arms out to embrace the sky!!!
The Moon, like an old friend, has come to comfort me.
And I felt like getting high, do you feel like getting high?

Now, Iím gonna take this opportunity
and spread a little bit of ambiguity
fucking bitch and whine about the quantity
of the current state of inequality

 So, just sit there, remain in total silence
as you stand back from the violence,
 doing the ending in your own defense,
wondering how can it ever make sense

Eventually, you may come to the conclusion
although itís all just mirrors and illusion
whoa itís not exactly nuclear fusion
maybe, baby, this is just a delusion

Just stand there, remain in total silence,
as you get back from the violence,
wandering off in your own defense,
wondering how could it ever make sense.
Twelve Minutes of Ambiguity
Alan Brock and TOAST 2001
Audio track from
The Reservation is Ready