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Children playing outside on a sunny afternoon,
Never knowing what goes on nearby.
Peeking through the curtains of his bedroom window
Mr. Peabody.... really is a weirdo!!!

chorus # 1
All the little girls and boys were playing in the yard
At the day care center right next door.
Peabody would watch and stare and cast his eye their way.
Thinking all those little nasty thoughts that make his day..
Any way you call it; Mr. Peabody... is a dirty old man.

Watching, looking, acting out his fantasies in his mind.
Peabody, he starts to shake, he cannot shake his lunacy
toward infancy!!
They’d put him away in a little room, if, they only knew,
What he wants, what he hides in his mind!!!!

chorus # 2
It might have been you he was watching.
It must have been me that he wanted!!
Who even knows, who would ever care?
Looking out his bedroom window, Mr. Peabody...
Really is a weirdo, and a dirty old man, and a pervert

instrumental solo, then to Chorus # 2
by Alan Brock and TOAST ,2001
Mr. Peabody
Audio track
is from the CD
The Reservation is Ready